Regardless of where you are along life’s journey, saving for retirement is more important than ever before.   With Australia’s ageing population, and ever-increasing pressure on government funding for social welfare and healthcare, the federal government provides a number of incentives to encourage Australians to save for their own retirement. We can help you to make the most of these incentives, and how they may apply to your particular circumstances.

  • Add to your own retirement

  • Applying government incentives

  • Your desired retirement age

  • Tax-effective contribution strategies

At Orbit Financial Services, we believe that the key to a successful retirement is the right planning – and it’s never too soon to make a start. Factors to consider include; how much money you’ll need to maintain your lifestyle when you retire, your desired retirement age, your current and anticipated savings in superannuation, as well as any other income you may have, any foreseeable expenses, and of course; your retirement goals.

The essence of effective retirement planning is to gain a clear understanding of when you can afford to retire.

With our financial expertise, we can help you to work out a sound retirement plan and advise you on the best possible strategies to make your retirement goals become a reality using a range of tax-effective contribution strategies and investment strategies that are tailor-made for you.

To find out how we can help you plan for a secure and comfortable retirement, please contact us.


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